Birth Control Methods After The Childbirth

Birth Control methods

Birth control after childbirth only is a way of ensuring that the ideal contraceptive method is used. So if you are thinking of using any of the contraceptive methods to prevent the next pregnancy you must know about the right contraception methods.  You can talk to your health care provider or doctor about it.

Birth control after childbirth only ensures that the woman is able to monitor her health. she is able to recoup before the next pregnancy. It is crucial for the new mom and her newborn to be healthy.

When a woman gets pregnant she is very happy that she is finally giving birth to a new life soon. During the time when you are pregnant, you are not worried about anything but for your baby and this is true. But as soon as you deliver you start worrying. Your concern will be how to get back in to shape and also how not to get pregnant soon.

Some women are unable to resume using the birth control method they used earlier. But sometimes certain other methods are used which could work in a better manner. It is, however, a good idea to plan well in advance and have sex without tension and in total peace.

Methods of preventing pregnancy after baby birth

Barrier Methods

The Barrier Method is a method that is done such that the sperms are physically prevented from reaching the egg. These methods are reversible and don’t affect the hormones. They also do not interfere with lactation and do not normally have any kind of side effects. It is the safest method and most of the couples use it.


Men can use condoms and the male condom is a sheath that is tube-like and thin in structure. It is either made of latex or polyurethane. It fits snugly on the erect male organ and then traps the semen during sex. These are normally the best methods and do not need any kind of physical examination or fitting. They give great protection against HIV and also guard against sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

So if you have given birth to a child, and want to be sexually active, then you can resort to condoms the moment you feel you are comfortable having sex. So you really don’t need to depend on condoms for a longer-term and you can use even while you are in the process of initiating the right kind of birth control method.

Condoms for women

The female condom is another pouch that is made of thin polyurethane and is normally inserted in the vagina just before you have sex. This prevents pregnancy from occurring and also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases or STIs.

There are soft rings that are found at either end and this holds the pouch in position. Female condoms normally do not need a physical examination and also do not need a fitting. You can actually use them as soon as you are ready to be sexually active again.


The diaphragm is another dome-shaped device, which fills partially with spermicide, and this is normally inserted into the vagina before having sex. It helps the sperm from not reaching the cervix. So you can fit the diaphragm six weeks after delivery.

If you have used a diaphragm earlier it would be easier but the size has to be determined and then put.

Cervical cap or cervical shield

The cervical cap is a silicone cup that is shaped like the hat that sailors wear. It is called Lea’s Shield. This is a silicone cup with an air valve. The cap is partially filled with the spermicide and you normally have to insert the cup into your vagina before sex. The cervical cap totally blocks the sperm from entering the uterus. You can talk to your health care provider or nurse about for more if you want to use this method.

The Pill method

The pill is normally had on the first day of the period or on the first Sunday after the start of the period. It is all right to start the pill on any day. The health care provider would advise you how to use the pill.

When a woman gets pregnant and delivers she undergoes a lot of change in the physical, psychological and physiological systems, so it is essential that you must aware of your health and learns to take care of yourself. Birth control methods only ensure that the woman is well equipped after childbirth.

Why Birth Control Methods important and Advisable?

A women’s health after delivery is very delicate and it has to be well taken care of. So you have to take care of your health.

This is ideal that you must wait for at least 18 months before you conceive again.

It not only gives your body the time to heal but also helps you to rebuild the energy that is stored.

It also gives your body a chance to recover from the wear and tear, which is an inevitable part of pregnancy and delivery.

If you just delivered a baby and planning for the next baby so you must be aware of all important things and your health status so your body will get ready for the next baby.

Birth control after pregnancy is always advisable for all women. If the spacing or interval between your two pregnancies is less, then it can have a lot of adverse effects on your health and your baby.

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