11 Useful tips of Cutting baby’s nails safely

Cutting Baby's Nails

Most new parents don’t want to do it. They are afraid of the pain and time involved. So what should they know about cutting baby’s nails? Usually parents have question regarding baby’s nail cutting such as when can I start cutting baby nails? How do I cut my baby’s nail while awake?

Here are the useful answers for every question for parents. Your baby’s nails grow faster than us. Even though baby nails are softer and gentle but still nails can cause scratches. Therefore, the baby’s fingernails need trimming frequently or on weekly bases than toenails.

The first step is to identify which type of nail is in question. Newborn babies have very little to no nerve endings and cannot feel pain. Therefore, cutting a baby’s nail does not hurt it at all and can be done without much pain or discomfort.


Here are some read on tips for parents while dealing with baby’s nail cutting


  1. How to file baby nails?

One important step to learn how to cut a newborn baby’s nails is to use your fingernail to make a cutting motion. You do this by inserting your index and middle fingers into your baby’s mouth and slowly working up until you are using your middle finger and thumb for support.

Be careful while baby nail filing. Avoid using metal nail filer, as it can be too harsh for the baby’s skin around nails. Nail filing is a little difficult for babies. Take time for cutting baby’s nails carefully. Use an emery board when filing your baby’s fingernails.

  1. Use a nail clipper

Now that you have your fingernails on your baby’s nails, it is time to start to trim your baby’s nails. Keep in mind that a baby’s nails grow very quickly, so be sure to keep track of what you have done to the baby’s nails.

How to cut baby’s nail while awake? You can use baby nail clippers to cut nails. You can softly push the tip of the finger from nail to make space for clippers. This way you can avoid clipping your baby’s finger. For baby’s toenails, you can clip straight across. You can use manicure scissors or scissors- shape clippers. Make sure when you hold the baby finger do it gently.

  1. Rinse nails gently

After you have cut your baby’s nails, you will want to rinse your baby gently in cold water. You will need to keep your baby warm for the rest of the evening to avoid your baby being cold while you are taking him or her to the doctor.

The second step on how to cut a newborn baby’s nails is to clean your baby’s nails with warm water. If you are not a baby parent and your baby has already had her nails done, there are many different solutions.

You can use baby shampoo or use baby oil to clean your baby’s nails. These solutions should only be used in very small amounts, as they can be very harsh on your baby’s skin.

  1. Use your fingernail

After your baby has been properly washed and cleaned with baby oil or baby shampoo, you are ready to begin how to cut newborn baby’s nails. You will need to take your baby’s nails and insert one fingernail into each notch and push the nail through one end until it reaches the other side. You will now need to cut the nail with your fingernail.

  1. Protect your baby’s nail from skin cut

When you have finished how to cut newborn baby’s nails, you should be able to remove your child from the solution. Now it is important to protect your baby with a bandage if you were not able to use one before your child was born because you will most likely cut your baby’s nails again, which can cause your baby more pain and infection.

You should now take your new newborn baby’s nail polish and apply it to the cut nail and surrounding area of the nail. The polish will help to seal the cut nail and keep the polish in place.

Make sure that you do not rub the polish on your baby’s nails after applying because the polish can scratch the baby’s nail.

  1. Cut nails while the baby sleeps

It is a good idea to cut nails while the baby sleeps but make sure there should be enough light in your room for nail cutting. You can wait until your baby goes to sleep.

This way you can prevent injuries or cuts around nails. It is the best way because this time baby does not wiggle and move their hands much.

  1. Ask for advice

If you find it difficult to cut your baby’s nail you can ask for help and advice from grandparents or parents about baby’s nail cutting. They can show you the method of how they do. If you have a nanny or baby sitter seek their help too. A child health specialist can help you too for baby care and baby’s nail cutting.

  1. Apply baby mittens

If you think you cannot handle baby nail cutting and your baby has sharp nails put the baby mitten on. Baby with sharp nails can scratch themselves.

  1. Avoid baby’s nail biting

 Some parents may be thinking of can I bite baby’s nail?  So the answer is a big ‘No’ to nail biting. Baby nail biting is very unhygienic and the wrong way to cut baby nails. Some parents do that which is not healthy. It can be a direct source of infection. Nail biting can make your baby’s nails rough and ragged. Moreover, you may bite the baby’s skin accidentally, as their skin is very soft.

  1. Make distraction for baby

While you start cutting baby’s nails if the baby is awake, try to divert your baby. When baby awakes they can make a fist and clench fingers. Which is even more difficult while nail cutting. You can play some baby rhymes or music on TV or play baby music so the baby can distract and relaxed.

The best time for baby’s nail cutting is after you bathe your baby. They feel more relaxed and calm after the bath and may go to sleep. Moreover, the nails become softer and easy to cut.

  1. Baby nail still sharp after cutting?

Baby nail polish may help if recommended. To keep your baby’s cut newborn baby’s nails looking nice, you will also want to use a toothbrush and cut off any excess nail polish and allow your baby to clean the entire cut area before you apply the glue remover to remove any excess glue. You should now be able to cut back the nail polish and apply the new nail polish in a straight line.

Now it is time to take the same procedure and you will use a small comb to trim the top layers of your newborn baby’s nail. Then you will repeat the same process for the rest of the nails. Keep in mind that the cut newborn baby’s nail polish should stay in place for about two weeks.

You will want to continue to watch your newborn baby’s nails and cut them whenever you feel that they need to be trimmed. This is very important, as it is very easy for nails to grow back after the first few days of the newborn baby’s nail trimming.


What to do if I cut baby’s finger with nail clipper?

This is worst while baby nail cutting. If all of sudden you cut a fingernail skin or toenail skin do not worry. Parents are worried about what to do if I accidently cut baby’s skin around the nail?

What you should do that time – Just rinse the nail cut with normal water and apply a clean sterile cloth on the cut. Put little pressure on the area and hold it for a while.

You can apply a piece of damp cotton ball on the cut. Avoid using plaster Band-Aids for the baby because the baby may chock it when the plaster comes off.

Usually bleeding stops in a few minutes. After that, you can put some cream especially antibiotic cream (as recommended by your doctor).


How frequently you should cut baby nails or when to cut your baby’s nail?

This is the common concern of parents on how often they can cut nails. Basically, the baby’s nails grow very fast. So you can cut accordingly or once a week. On the other side toenails grows slowly as compared to fingernails so once in a month is fine to cut them.

Now you know the steps on how to cut a newborn baby’s nail? You are ready to give your baby the beautiful nails that he or she deserves!

How to cut baby’s nail without nail clipper?

Baby nail cutting is one of the challenging tasks for parents sometimes. Caring for the baby nails and avoiding skin cut is very important while you cut nails. If you do not want to use nail clipper you can chose other option.

Electrical baby nail cutter is one of the best choices for parents to cut baby’s nails. Most of the mothers are happy using baby electrical nail cutter, which is convenient and easy to use. But it is always wise to try nail cutting while your baby is sleeping. Hold your baby’s fingers and hands gently but firmly so if baby wiggle or move you do not cut the surrounding skin.

Do not cut nails too short and file them nicely after. This is because the bay can scratch them if nails left with sharp edges.

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