How You Can Boost Breast Milk Formulation

Breast Milk

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby. Low breast milk production is the biggest problem most women have. You can imagine the anxiety that you have when you are a first time mom and breastfeeding for the first time.

Most of the women they seek assistance for how they can well do breastfeeding. Having a very less amount of milk production is one of the main causes of why mothers quit baby feeding.

It is a very difficult situation when you are not able to make sufficient milk to feed your baby. Then most of the mother ends up on supplement milk formula feeding.

Supplements as formula feeding sometimes do not suit and babies can suffer from common problems such as low body weight and digestion issues.

So don’t be disappoint or take the stress. Rather you should first find out the cause why you are unable to make breast milk. Talk with your health care provider about breastfeeding techniques and if necessary switch to formula feeding.

It is always good to be healthy before you get pregnant because you know the very first food of your baby is going to be breast milk. Breast-feeding makes the best bonding between mother and baby and the best source of your newborn overall growth and development.

There are various benefits of breast milk for you and your little one. This way your baby’s immunity best build-up and protects babies from various dangerous illnesses.
But if you are not happy with your breast milk supply and your baby is always hungry even after feeding then it is a matter of concern.


Rather than quitting breastfeeding try some tips which can boost your breast milk

1. Hydrate yourself 

Some mothers do not believe in this because they maybe don’t think the connection between the milk supply and drinking enough liquids. It is not necessary to gulp water in huge amounts but drinking wisely and keeping your hydration level neutral will definitely ease milk production.

If your body remains dehydrated it can affect breastfeeding. You should drink juice, milk, your favourite drinks, and the most important water and see the difference. On the other hand avoid drinking beer, wine, alcohol, or any drink, which contains alcohol. Keep yourself away from smoking as well.

2. Follow and adhere to a healthy diet

After delivery, your body became very sensitive and needs all the essential nutrients. This can be only replaced by a good healthy dietary routine. Most women do not bother it after the birth of the baby, which is not right. Stick to your nutritious food habits. There is a list of food, which they believe to lift up the estrogen level and lactating hormone and improves pituitary function.

You should add to your diet to promote breast milk:

Flax seeds
Olive oil and coconut oil
Lactogenic foods such as –
Fenugreek, fennel, almonds, oats
Sesame seeds
Wild salmon
Chickpeas and carrots

3. On-demand breastfeeding

When you are feeding your baby try to nurse your baby every two hours or as much as you can. Generally, doctors always recommend it. Feed at least 8 to 10 minutes. The milk at the starting of breastfeeding sessions is nutritious for the baby. The last milk at the end of the feeding session is hindmilk and extra watery also good for the baby.

Practically when you feed, the baby needs to stimulate the breast more frequently. This gives signals to the brain to initiate more milk. So you can nurse your baby when required.

4. Massaging

Use your hands to rub the breast. Palpate and massaging will work as a reflex and enhance milk promotion. You can try warm compresses if needed or suggested by your lactation adviser. This will help soothing breast and fasten the circulation.

5. Some herbs

This you can only try with the recommendation of your doctor. Many herbs can works as magic in increasing milk making and scientifically tested and proved to be safely used. Such as fenugreek seeds, chamomile, fennel, motherwort, asparagus racemosus, and raspberry red.

6. Keep an eye on latching

While you feeding it is essential to check the baby’s latch. Make sure your technique of baby latching is appropriate and in the right manner.

7. Skin-to-skin touch

Make sure when you are feeding your baby; hold your baby close to you. This will help in stimulating milk and baby will feel more comfortable.

8. Use a breast pump

Try pumping your breast after feeding or anytime you are comfortable doing that. The pump will help in separating milk from lactating moms. Generally, you can use a breast pump 2 to 3 times a day but can depend on need.

9. Give attention to your baby

Avoid distractions while your nursing. The voice and smell and touch of your baby boost and encourage breast milk. Do not talk or do any disruptive activity when you feed.

10. Skip pacifier

The proper latching is with breastfeeding not with the pacifiers. This can interfere with baby feeding techniques and discourage breast milk production.

11. Talk to lactation adviser

If breastfeeding is bothering you or you facing a problem with feeding, you should consult with the lactation expert adviser.

Breastfeeding is the best food for your little one. It has numerous benefits. So its significantly essential to breastfeeding your baby. But if you are not able to feed there could be other options always available like formula feeding and supplements. You just need to motivate yourself and talk with your health care provider about it and make happy motherhood.

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