Infant and Toddler Developmental Milestones

Toddler Developmental

Toddler Developmental milestones are particular behaviors in Infant and toddlers when they grow.

Every baby is different from others. When your baby grows they have developed particular skills, which are physical, language and communication, social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Toddlers learn every little thing at their own pace. Some kids learn fast some are slow which is the normal growth and development of a baby.

Some parents concerned about their toddler development milestones if their child doesn’t acquire developmental skills at an exact age period. You can talk to your pediatrician and doctor about the baby and toddler developmental milestones for the different age groups.

What actually toddler developmental milestones are:

  1. Physical – The baby starts doing movements. Actively using body muscle groups. They start developing their fine and gross motor skills.
  1. Verbal skills – kids learn to understand languages and develop their ability to communicate. Such as give smiles and make a sound.
  1. Cognitive – Your toddler learns to understand things and skills and learn the concept of thinking, understanding, and abstract concepts.
  1. Social skills– toddler learns the way they respond to their own emotions and other feelings. Like crying when found their mother not around and responding to every good or bad emotion or act of others.


Three months old baby milestones

Baby movement’s milestones

    1. Able to open and close hands
    2. Try to hold and shake toys
    3. Bring and put hands in mouth
    4. Lying on the stomach and support their upper body with arms
    5. When lying on stomach try to raise their head and chest
    6. Kicks with legs when lying on the back
    7. Try to stretch their legs out
    8. When placed on a hard surface try to push down their feet

Emotional and social

    1. Give a smile
    2. Begin to give facial expressions on good or bad command
    3. Limit particular movements
    4. Likes playing with people and when stops baby start to cry
    5. Become more expressive for some things and emotions
    6. More communicative with face and body movements

Visual and hearing milestones

    1.  Baby give you a smile with the sound of your voice
    2.  If anything near the baby moves they start to follow it
    3.  Turn around their head with the sound direction
    4.  Starts babbling
    5.  Start identifying the familiar person or object
    6.  Look at your face very closely
    7.  Can repeat the sound they hear
    8.  Use their hands and eyes in coordination


Warning signs at 3 months of age to watch and discuss with your doctor.

    1. Not able to support the head
    2. Do not give smile to people
    3. Do not able to grasp things properly
    4. Does not respond to loud sounds or when you make sound
    5. When finding hard to move eyes
    6. Does not babble at the age of 3 months
    7. Not able to bring things close to the mouth
    8. Do not pay attention or respond to any movement
    9. Very fewer movements and activities
    10. Not imitating to any sound
    11. Does not react to any new people face
    12. Do not do push down their legs when put on a hard surface


Seven months old infant milestones

    1. Able to be in a sitting position without help
    2. Crawl with hand and knees
    3. Pulls self up to stand
    4. Roll both ways back to front and front to back
    5. Sit with or without the support of hands

Language milestones

    1. Responds when calling with the name
    2. Starts to respond yes and no
    3. Baby can tell the difference between good and bad emotions
    4. Use voices to explain happy and pleasure movements or expressions
    5. Start to make sounds like hmmm! Smile with voices like oh oh ‘!!

Visual milestones

    1. Develop a full-color vision
    2. Able to notice moving objects
    3. Increased distance vision
    4. Enjoys looking at bright colors

Cognitive milestones

    1. Start to explore things
    2. Begin to explore with mouth and hands
    3. Struggle to grab things, which out of reach
    4. When asked find partially hidden objects
    5. Respond to the sounds around them

Social and emotional milestones

    1. Enjoy social play and gathering
    2. Reply to other people expressions like funny voices and funny faces
    3. Enjoy looking in the mirror
    4. Begin to recognize mom and dad or close relatives
    5. Responds with a smile in a group
    6. Shows interest in games like peekaboo 


One year old Baby milestones

Movement milestones

    1. Assumes hand and knee position
    2. Able to sitting position without any help
    3. Crawl forward on belly pushing with legs and pulling with hands
    4. Pulls self to stand
    5. Able to stand without any support
    6. Can walk holding o furniture
    7. Able to walk without 2-3 steps without assistance

Language milestones

    1. Responds to simple requests
    2. Begin to say dada and mama.
    3. Try to imitate what you say
    4. Try to speak words like oh ‘oh!! ‘ or hmm!
    5. Increasing attention to the speech
    6. Reply to yes or no 

Hand and fingers milestones

    1. Being to bangs two things
    2. Can put things into a container
    3. Can take things out of the container as well
    4.  Try to jump when holding the baby in hands
    5. Try to imitate the activities
    6. Enjoy playing in-group or with other people
    7. Begin to poke with fingers

Cognitive milestones

    1. Can explore objects in many different ways such as banging, shaking throwing dropping, and hiding.
    2. Can able to imitate your gestures
    3. Start using things correct way like holding a sipper cup holding things like phone, glass, cup, dialing the phone or holding a phone or TV remote, etc.
    4. When you show images to the baby they can be able to able to correct photos when named.
    5. Able to find the hidden things
    6. Able to manage with body weight and balance

Social and emotional milestones

    1. Cry when father or mother leaves baby
    2. Sometimes fearful or feel frightened with new people
    3. Enjoy imitating things, sound, and people gestures
    4. Can be anxious or shy when seeing strangers
    5. Start showing particular preference to their favorite toys or people
    6. Can repeat sounds
    7. While dressing up can able to extend arms


This is very important to look after your baby’s growth and developmental stages and activities. Enjoy every single stage of your baby while bringing up your baby. Most of the toddlers achieve the same growth and development skills and performances at a certain age.

You as parents have to train your child for every skill motor or verbal or for cognitive skills. Your social and home environment is responsible for how your child is learning and gaining skills.

Developmental milestones can at least provide assurance that your baby’s development is going on the right track.

The other thing is if your baby is born early or preterm born then it can be possible that a six months old baby who born two months early would be expected to show the same skills as four months old baby who was born or due date or a term baby. You can lessen the number of months early from your baby’s age.

You need to talk with your health care provider if you notice any developmental stages not going appropriate according to a certain age. This is a developmental health watch, which you definitely need to observe.

Such as if not responding to any sound or not giving responses to any activity.

Does not start crawl and not able to stand with assistance at 12 months of age

Do not even say any single word like mom and dad and not able to react to certain common things.


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