10 Common Signs and symptoms of Labor you need to know


Labor is the time of birth which begins with natural signs of labor, contractions in the woman’s abdomen and uterus, and ending with the birth of your baby. If you are like many expectant mothers, you are probably wondering how to tell when you are in labor and what will be signs of labor. It is  all natural process and happens gradually.

Most of the pregnant women they wonder how the labor will feel and how long it will take. But knowing the fact it is very hard to predict as every pregnancy and every birth is different.

So look out for these 10 signs of labor to let you know the baby’s coming.


1. When the baby’s heart rate increases

This is a sign that your baby is ready to come out. Do not wait too long though because if the heart rate goes too high, the pressure will damage the baby’s lungs.

2. The umbilical cord is not visible

The first signs of labor can be seen when the umbilical cord does not come out. However, once it comes out, the umbilical cord can bleed or the cord may be twisted when the mother pushes.

3. Your stomach is not expanding.

It may seem like you are not emptying your bladder or you may feel the urge to go to the bathroom but do not go ahead. Also, when a woman feels pain in her belly, it is most likely that you are in labor.

4. Fast and Strong Contractions

A Contraction feels like they are coming on very fast. You can usually feel these contractions before you actually feel them. These contractions also help to break the vaginal wall to give the mother more room to push.

5. Back pain and cramps

There is some pain in your back. This is usually caused by an irregular position and can be relieved by standing up straight. It is not advisable for the woman to sit or lie down, as her pelvis may be affected if she sleeps that way.

7. Tiredness

You may be tired and lethargic. This is due to the blood that is being pumped by your body and it takes a few minutes for this blood to travel to your brain, where it helps you focus and relax and get ready for labor.

8. It is time to push!

You should be able to feel your baby moving as you push through the delivery process. It can be easy if you are prepared, but if you find that the baby is not moving right away or that is not pushing that is not encouraging, you may want to check with your doctor to find out what you need to do in order to prepare properly.

After the baby pushes, the mother feels like she cannot even move. You may find it hard or uncomfortable trying to hold onto the baby as you begin to push through the delivery process, but it will be better for you if you can just let it go. If you are unable to do this, then you should get some form of support.

9. Baby is coming

After a few contractions have started, you may feel a little bit lightheaded and this can be caused by the fact that the baby is making its way into the cervix and the uterus. This time your baby is making a position to make exit.

The above listed are all signs of labor that are natural. So, there is no need for you to worry about anything. You are also assured that there is no need for you to be worried about anything because the signs of labor are natural, so there is no need for you to be worried about anything.

10. Other important signs of preceding labor

– Dilation of the cervix

– Vaginal discharge and change in color of vaginal discharge and consistency

– Water breaks out

– Diarrhea less common

– Increased back pain

– Frequent and irregular contractions and baby will start to drops.

– Weight loss

– Rupture of membranes

– Rush of energy

– increase in urinary frequency

Finally, remember that when it comes to labor and birth, the main thing that will matter is how you feel and what you are experiencing at the time. Therefore, before any medication is taken, try to relax and have fun with your baby.

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