12 Useful tips for Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps are very common during pregnancy. In the 3rd trimester, most of pregnant women may experience leg cramps. Nearly half of all pregnant ladies suffer from leg cramps during pregnancy. Usually, most of the women complaints about muscle spasms in legs during the night time.

One of the significant causes of leg cramps is gaining weight by ladies during this period. The legs carry the complete bodyweight and make legs overburdened. Moreover, changes in blood circulation during pregnancy likewise cause this issue.

Another common reason is the weight of the developing fetus that puts pressure on the legs vein and nerves. There are certain things you can do to get help from leg cramps.

Here are 12 successful solutions for leg cramps during pregnancy

1. Eat a well-balanced pregnancy diet

During pregnancy, it is important to eat nutritious food. Eat the main five food group- fruits, lean protein, vegetables, whole grain, dairy products and fibre-rich food. This is essential for the baby’s growth and development. Include meat, fish, eggs, beans, cheese, milk tofu seeds and nuts into your daily diet plan. Avoid alcohol and smoking.


2. Take enough pregnancy multivitamins

Pregnant women need all the essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy pregnancy. Such calcium, iron, minerals, folic acid and protein. It is crucial for the prevention of any birth abnormality in babies. You should take advice from your doctor before taking any pregnancy multivitamins. 


3. Adequate sleep and rest

It is very common to get tired and feel lethargic during pregnancy. So it important to get enough rest and sleep during this time and relax your body.


4. Avoid long standings 

Standing for a long time can cause leg cramps and muscle pain. Try to avoid it.


5. Daily light walk 

Walking is always a good idea to prevent leg cramps. Go for a morning or evening walk daily short distance. You can take a break in between or after some walk if feel tired.


6. Warm water shower

Try warm water shower with Epsom salt which is easily available in the market. This is probably the most ideal approach to ease leg torment successfully. It will loosen up you and decreases feelings of anxiety. Simultaneously, this shower will likewise mitigate the pressure in your muscles.


7. Cold Pack

Wrap some ice cube directly from the freezer and apply on the affected parts. You can use an ice pack and directly apply it to the affected area. Try standing on a cold surface area, which can sometimes prevent spasms. You can use a cold compress and an ice pack. It may help often.

If stretching and cold help subside the pain, try a prenatal massage or a heating pad for added relief. Don’t massage or add heat if pain persists.


8. Get some time for yourself

Is it accurate to say that you are getting enough ME time? Assuming no, at that point attempt to enjoy exercises that remove your pressure. Peruse a book or investigate imaginative leisure activities. Go for a film, shopping, cultivating, or do whatever keeps you upbeat.


9. Back rubs and Stretch

Rubbing your calf tenderly will help. Ask your expert to give you a relieving kneads. Flexing your foot will likewise give alleviation. Try lifting your toes up and press your heel out. Do not try to point your toe. This can compound squeezing and even exacerbate it.

Stay on a stable and hard floor and lift your toes to stretch the lower leg muscle. It will ease squeezing. Ensure you get a hold on something for balance.

Try another one. Make your leg straight and slowly flex your ankle and carefully. Bend your toes back towards your shinbone a few times. For better relief do it on your feet rather than doing in bed.


10. Adequate intake of water and liquids

Ensure you drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Studies have uncovered that the absence of sodium prompts genuine muscle constrictions.


11. Apply Heat

Indeed, the utilization of nearby warmth will help. Spot warmed water sacks; gel packs or towel plunged into high temp water and afterwards crushed.


12. Practice Yoga

This is helpful during pregnancy cramps. Evaluate the hip turn present in the subsequent trimester. The changed standing squat posture likewise makes a difference. These are intended for reinforcing muscles and lower body. Ensure you take the help of an expert.

Stretching helps expand your leg muscles and to make you more comfortable while you’re pregnant. Whenever you’re walking around the shopping malls, grocery store and working out or just lounging around, stretching is always a good idea.


Safety advise remembering while stretching during pregnancy

Always check with your doctor before doing any physical activity or stretching. If you are physically fit only then you can go for stretching during pregnancy.

There are various benefits of stretching but make sure you follow a few safety advice.

1. Warm-up

Always warm-up before jumping into stretching because cold muscles can be harmful. Do the brisk walking for a few minutes or you can do alternating knee raises.
Do not try jumping when you are stretching as it can cause pulled muscle.

2. Don’t overdo it

Try to do each stretch for 10 to 20 seconds. you can try into each position, and holding at a spot where you feel the stretch make sure you don’t feel pain while doing it.

3. Avoid Overstretching

Your body produces hormone relaxin during pregnancy. Its function is to loosen the ligaments in the pelvis so it can make birth easier. But since relaxin affects all your ligaments, you’ll likely be more flexible from head to toe, which can ultimately lead to overstretching and injuries.

4. Limit your moves

It is very important while doing stretching to protect you from any injury. Any vigorous activity or stretch can be harmful to you and your baby. So the best way of safety is to listen to your body first and if possible limit yourself to limited movements and avoid unnecessary movement.

Do whatever you feel comfortable and feel good to you but not painful. Remember it is always wise to talk with your health care practitioner before you do any stretching or physical exercise

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