13 Tips to get pregnant quickly

Get pregnant quickly

There are many ways to conceive but sometimes many women find it hard to get pregnant quickly even trying after many times. Here are a few tips, which can increase your chances to get pregnant, quickly.

Once you prepared to start a family, it is essential to take care of yourself and your body. It is necessary to improve and enhance women’s fertility. But what something else you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and have a baby?

Most fertility doctors advise women to know about their menstrual cycle, ovulation and the foremost is to understand their body.  That means a woman should be aware of how healthy she is and how much fertile you are. You must take care of that if want to get quickly pregnant. 

Read on 12 tips, which may boost healthy women’s chances to get pregnant quickly.

1. Preconception consultation

This is very important for you before you do start family planning. Get a preconception health checkup. So the doctor can advise you if your health and body need necessary vitamins, nutrition, and folic acid.

The doctor may recommend you few tests such as blood tests or any other if required, to check if you are healthy enough to conceive. If you have any medical problem it has to be monitored and well under control before you prepare for motherhood.

For example, if your body is lacking folic acid then it can lead to some birth defects such as Spina bifida in the baby. For that reason, Folic acid is crucial for women during the early stages of pregnancy.

2. Be aware of the menstrual cycle

If you are planning to conceive you should keep a record of your menstrual cycle. It is important to be aware of if you have an irregular or regular cycle. The regular menstrual cycle is when the first day of your periods as expected to come on the same number of days apart each month. However, if it is different or varies from months to months considered as irregular periods.

3. Keep a record of ovulation

The best time to get pregnant is when a woman is ovulating. There are several ways a woman can make use of to find out her fertile days every month. (Need to add link) women can use an ovulation prediction home kit, which is easily available in the market. The other way to test if you are ovulating is to check the cervical mucus appearance and quantity and thickness. 

Normally a woman starts ovulating two weeks before starting her periods. It is very difficult to guess ovulation if a woman has an irregular menstrual cycle. However, ovulation usually happens 12 to 16 days before menstruation begins in ladies with odd periods. If you are confronting problems with ovulation and irregular cycle talk with your doctor.

4.Gain a healthy weight

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For women who are ready to conceive should work hard on putting good weight. If you are too thin or underweight then it can be two times harder to conceive. For that reason, it is essential for you to get a healthy weight before pregnancy.

Conversely, ladies with overweight can take twice to have a baby. In view of the fact that if your body has excess fat then you may have a problem with ovulation due to excessive production of estrogen.

Try to lose extra weight before become pregnant so it can improve your fertility and increase the chances of getting pregnant.

5. Focus on a nutritious diet

You should take a healthy and balanced diet. You should include fruits, vegetables, and lean meat, protein, folic acid, iron, and calcium-rich diet. Take whole grain, dairy products, and good fat. Get routine health checkup before you plan pregnancy.

However, there is no special diet plan to enhance fertility but a healthy diet and essential vitamins and a healthy weight can improve your fertility. Add green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cereals, beans, and citrus fruits like oranges into your daily food.

6. Cut down caffeine

Caffeinated drinks sometimes may impact on fertility. You should go easy on the coffee. If you are consuming less than 250mg per day that will be not very impacting on fertility, but consumption exceeding more than 500 mg of caffeine every day it may affect the chances of conceiving. So keep track of that. Taking 1or 2 cups of coffee with low concentration is fine but make sure to consult with your health care provider.

7. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Smoking and alcohol consumption can be the worst thing for women who are pregnant or planning for a baby soon. It is always a good idea for pregnant women to stay away from secondary smoking. Because the chemical found in cigarettes (nicotine and carbon monoxide) can interfere with the formation of a female’s egg and also it can age a woman ovaries.

When you trying to get pregnant avoid the use of marijuana and other drug usages. Quit the idea of alcohol intake as well even though 1 or 2 drinks. Say big no-no to alcohol or any kind of liquor when you are desiring to get pregnant. There is no safe amount of alcohol consumption after you conceived.

8. Have intercourse every other day

You should try having sex every day or every other day during ovulation period. It may increase your chances of getting pregnant to some extent but not necessarily. The male sperms can live up to 5 days in the female body. So have sex every day which can be the best idea even you are ovulating or not.

On the other side, there are few things important for men as well Such as men should avoid wearing very tight-fitting undergarments and avoid going to the very hot pools as it can affect adversely on the sperm count. Men should avoid eating plenty of soy food as well.

9. Lay on the bed after sex

It is a good suggestion to stay on the bed after intercourse for 10 to 15 minutes. it may help you to get pregnant quickly. But you don’t need to put your legs in the air and this opinion sometimes not accurate. Because when you move and do not stay for at least 15 minutes on the bed, it can interfere with the sperms to reach in the cervix. Avoid going to the washroom right after intercourse.

10. Take prenatal multivitamins

Women who are trying to get pregnant should start taking prenatal vitamins before they conceive. Intake of Prenatal vitamins is essential to prevent birth defects and neural tube defects in babies. Start taking multivitamins including B vitamin, folic acid, calcium, and iron. Talk to your health care provider about the daily requirements you needed. A woman should start taking 400mcg of folic acid at least one month prior to conceiving.

11. Avoid doing vigorous exercises

Keeping yourself physically active is good which remains you energetic. But doing very strenuous exercises very frequently may interfere in ovulation. So if you are attempting for pregnancy avoid hard workout and heavy exercises. Light exercises, meditation, and walking are good.

12. Cut off stress

Stress can actually interrupt ovulation in women. It is crucial to avoid stress and tension. It is obvious to get stressed when you are worried to start a family. But try not to worry and just relaxed. So the more calm and relaxed you are the more you will happy. Try some de-stress techniques as per your doctor’s advice. It can help in increasing your chances of conceiving. Talk with your health care provider if you need consultation for stress relief sessions. That can help too.

13. A healthy and happy life is vital

When you are mentally and physically healthy can increase the possibility of getting pregnant and actually effects fertility. Eat a good healthy diet. Your health care provider can help you in choosing a balanced diet plan. There are various benefits of doing regular moderate exercises such as brisk walking for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol because it affects the estrogen level, which negatively affects fertility and ovulation.

There are various methods you can get pregnant quickly, but you must know the healthy manner of conceiving. More than 80 percent of ladies get pregnant within 10 to 12 months of trying. It is important that you prepare yourself before conceiving and get a regular health checkup with the doctor.

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